AsMoPLAST GROUP: A success story

Thanks to its worldwide presence, AsMoPLAST presents an impressive portfolio. Continuous advancement and development is the formula of success. Our locations:

AsMoPLAST Engineering GmbH in Endingen, Germany

  • Corporate offices and headquarters 
  • Central project management 
  • Global order 
  • Handling Tool and mould making
  • Technical service, Modifications, Optimisation
  • Injection moulding technical centre
  • Plastic processing 
  • Consulting and Support

AsMoPLAST International Consulting in China

  • Mould making China
  • Plastic processing China
  • Assembly packaging China
  • Strategic Consulting 
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing support


Asmoplast Engineering GmbH | Spritzguss und Formenbau